laggan wolftrax

Laggan Wolftrax - mountain bike trails with bite - the Black Route being one of the most technical in the country! BaseCamp bike shop and the cafe at the car park help make this spot one of the best in the country.

Laggan Wolftrax has over 20 miles of the most up-to-date, year-round singletrack available in the country. Here are the trails:

Green Route - 4.8km (3 miles)

For novices and young children, the green trail, featuring real singletrack, is a perfect introduction to mountain biking.

Red Route - 15.2km (9.5 miles)

Designed to be fast and flowing, the red route is a fantastic experience in two sections, enjoyably testing and rideable.

Black Route - 6.5km (4 miles)

The black route is tight, singletrack trail with multiple features! Watch out for serious drop offs, boulder fields and rock slabs aplenty!

Orange Bike Park - 3.6km (2.2 miles)

Novices can trundle or freewheel from top to bottom, but more skilled riders will rip up this route and find 'big air' opportunities all the way down! Not recommended for very young children.


Download the trail map from the link on the left, or by visiting the Forestry Commission website:$FILE/wolftraxtrailmap.pdf