do: dirty cows

Hello girls, Sara here...

Let's face it, we've all been there. The only girl... again! So let's add to the revolution at trailab and bombard the trails in true girlie style!


Girlie camps at trailab. The great thing about mountain biking in Lochaber is that there is a great variety of trails suitable for all levels of rider. So if you are a bunch of girls who don't have the same experience of mountain biking or if you'd really like to convince some novice friends to come and try out a mountain biking break, then I can guarantee that no one will feel left out. If I'm up here chasing trails, then so can you!


It's up to you how much or how little biking you do. You can attack the trails at your own pace or we can arrange for a guide to show you the way around the trails. But it's not just about mountain biking on a dirty cows break, a little pampering does no harm...!


A typical day for trailab dirty cows might involve:

  • Kick-starting the day with a pilates session held by a fully-qualified pilates instructor to warm up those cycling muscles
  • After a hearty breakfast, head onto the many trails available right on your doorstep
  • A lovely picnic awaits you at lunch time to re-boot those energy levels
  • Take a ride up the Nevis Range gondola to take in the magnificent highland scenery. Come down by foot or why not try one of the downhill bike courses (for the more experienced mountain bikers only!)
  • Later in the day relax and unwind with a swedish massage, a reflexology session or an Indian head massage.
  • And if that isn't indulgent enough, let your own private chef cook you a 3-course meal in the comfort of your accommodation to finish off the day!

If you would like to discuss the options and prices available, please get in touch!


We'll be running another camp with Helen Gaskell this spring - read up on the details on our event page.


We ran a camp with Helen Gaskell last October - have a look at our event page for the details!